Dodge Durango Tech - 2001 Durango Blower Motor Resistor
Below are some instructions on how to replace the Dodge Durango blower motor resistor for the blower motor on a 2001 Dodge Durango. When the resistor went out, the fan would only work in the first position and the last position. What normally occurs when the blower motor resistor goes bad, is that the fan will only work on one or two speeds.
Dodge Durango Blower Motor Resistor Replacement Steps
This is the picture of the passenger foot well in a 2001 Dodge Durango. Other years maybe similar. The Blue box is the area of where the resistor is located at.
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This is a closer shot of the location of where the resistor is located. In the red area on the right of the housing, you can see the wire harness coming down. Yours might look different as I've had some work done under there.
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The Resistor is shown in the blue box on this picture. Notice the two screws holding the resistor in. I had to use some universals to unscrew them.

Note - if you don't have a universal to remove the rear screw, you can remove the two screws holding the heating duct that is just below it. This allows it to swivel toward the front of the vehicle enough to get a straight shot with an ordinary extension and socket.

There is a clip on the connector to hold it on the resistor which was very difficult for me to get it to release.
Click here for a larger picture - Picture will open in a new window.

This is what the resistor looks like. I picked this piece up at my local Dodge Dealer (Click here to find a local dealer) for $9.81 US Dollars.

The part number on the package for a 2001 when I changed mine was: 04885635AB. I believe there maybe an updated part number now.
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